Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Weekly Updates

Well, friends, I had yet another unsuccessful gym week. I admit it: I've been slacking. Unfortunately for my waistline, I believe it is finally starting to catch up with me. Let's take a look at the last week...

Monday: did the 30 minute shred

Tuesday: had dinner made for me

Wednesday: went to a Happy Hour after work and drank 3 beers and ate french fries and buffalo tenders [fail]

Thursday: had dinner made for me

Friday: went to Azteca's in Manchester and ate delicious Mexican food

Saturday: had Frank Pepe's pizza for lunch and ate late night McDonald's chicken poppers and french fries during a long road trip

Sunday: had Panera for lunch and then went to a tea party and drank at least an entire pot of tea and a bunch of assorted cheeses, fruits and pastries

Ugh, I feel revolting just writing those things. In fact, writing that down has helped put things in perspective. The only thing I am exercising is my wallet. And my lack of resolve.

So while I clearly had a super fun and delicious week, my body was most likely cringing while I shoveled those useless calories into my face.

And the results? I gained two pounds. I deserve it. I can't even bear to re-read that list.

This week, I am trying to be better.

And so far, I am succeeding. Then again, it's only Tuesday.

In more positive news, my ongoing attempt to IML is going VERY well:

1) Reduce Stress: I am certainly hitting my stride at work and working longer hours to keep myself from feeling overwhelmed - while this may sound more stressful, I actually enjoy being able to buckle down and get work done w/ no phone interruptions. I had a very low key week otherwise spent in good company and I don't believe I felt much stress at all!

2) Maintain exercise goal of 3x a week: womp womp.

3) Make more conscious food choices: I consciously decided to eat SO MANY DELICIOUS THINGS. And I only somewhat regret those decisions.

4) Enjoy my hobbies: Did a bunch of shopping this weekend, hung out with my lady friends, listened to great tuneage, bought tickets for the Newport Folk Festival :)

5) Keep my close friends close: I spent a bunch of time with my sis and Kate and Addie this weekend and it was wonderful. I <3 my girlfriends. Where would one be in life without them? Depressed and alone, I imagine.

6) Do what I can for my health: I suppose my mental health is in great shape these days. I am happy. I am feeling more confident and feeling better about myself, despite my crappy diet this week. Oh! And I got a super fetch haircut that I think is quite dashing (and super easy to maintain). I'm also gonna go out on a limb and say that now my hair is more healthy than it's been in quite some time, so that has to mean something..

And now, to continue the rest of this week with hopefully sunnier results (and the loss of those 2 miserable pounds that reglued themselves to my figure).

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekly Update

In the last week, I:

- Went to the gym Monday
- Had dinner made for me on Tuesday
- Didn't feel well on Wednesday and slept all evening
- Didn't feel well on Thursday and skipped the gym yet again
- Went out to Barcelona's in New Haven and ate about 15 tapas and a dessert on Friday (SO GOOD)
- Went to the gym on Saturday....and then went to Plan B in West Hartford and ate a delicious burger and blue chips (warm chips smothered in blue cheese, bacon, onions, peppers, tomatoes...mouthgasm!)
- Went to the gym on Sunday and then had Subway (I am seriously addicted to Subway right now)

So all in all, not a fantastic week exercise-wise.

Still, I'm happy to report that I made my goal of gym 3x this week. And I am also relieved to report that the scale is still exactly where I left it (at -7 lbs) last time I checked! :)

And a much needed I.M.L Update:

1) Reduce Stress: Not so good on this front. I felt swamped at work this week. And emotionally I as kind of a hot mess. But I got over it.

2) Maintain exercise goal of 3x/wk: DONE!

3) Make more conscious food choices: well, I consciously decided to eat a bunch of delicious foods!

4) Enjoy my hobbies: Didn't really practice the piano this week or do any crafting. I have also kind of stopped reading at work. My eyes have been getting too tired from staring at the screen, so I've started leaving to run errands. The one thing I have been doing (and doing well!) is socializing. And spending money. Lots of money.

5) Keeping my friends close: I must say I am doing a damn good job with this one.

6) Do what I can for my health: I have been having some severe body issues this week. My eyes have been hurting, my stomach has been upset, my throat has been sore, my head has been pounding. My sleeping schedule has been super erratic, so I'm sure that is a big contributing factor. Which is why I plan to be in bed by 10 p.m. tonight. I'm also going to look into getting my prescription checked, just in case.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Good measure

After a day of feeling good, I decided to see if the way I felt would at all be reflected in the scale. I did not have high hopes. All of my clothes still fit more or less the same. I can't really see a huge change in my body.

And that's when the miracle occurred. For the first time in about a year, the needle moved definitively closer toward my goal weight (which is still 15ish pounds away, but I will not let that ruin this moment).

In the last few weeks,

I HAVE LOST 7 LBS!!!!!!!!!

Heck. Yes.

How did I do it?


- I injured myself and stopped working out for a week
- Did a few random gym sessions
- Ate pretty much whatever I wanted
- Stopped tracking my diet and exercise on MyFitnessPal

Okay, body. Whatever you want.

That being said, I think the change in my appearance is a result of fitness rather than weight loss. The weight loss isn't really obvious at all to me. It is the tightening of my muscles that is more obvious. Still, I'll take it!

I am very suprised and quite pleased. I am 1/3 of the way there!


Sunday, February 12, 2012


I apologize for not updating more frequently. This is not to say that I have been slacking; quite the opposite, really!

I have jumped right back into the gym and have been supplementing non-gym days with the 30 Day Shred. I decided that doing the 30DS every single day just isn't realistic -- especially since I have to do it in Becca&Hoz's room, which isn't always convenient for everyone.

I was very shocked (and relieved) to discover that I was able to go right back to the weights/reps/cardio endurance that I had pre-injury. I am back in the game, bitches!

On Saturday, I did the 30 minute circuit and at the end of my workout, an older woman came up to me and said "You had a great work out today." It made me feel really good...because I DID have a great work out and it was awesome that someone noticed that I was working my ass (literally) off.

After that, I did 20ish minutes on the elliptical and headed out. I put on a clingy sweater dress and I felt pretty great. It's been a long time since I have felt that confident. And I think I am finally coming to terms with some deep-seated body image issues that I've been carrying around since I hit puberty. I am *gasp* starting to appreciate my curves.

To top things off, I spent all night Saturday/all morning Sunday being complimented...and I didn't hate it.

AND, as if I needed any more of a boost, my sister and mom both commented - independently - that I look like I've lost weight.

So all in all, this week has been a huge ego win. I feel good. I feel stronger and healthier and more fit and more attractive and just overall pretty darn happy.

Now if only I could take my emotions to the gym and learn to whip them into shape...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

30 Day Shred - Days 1&2: Do Over

So I decided to re-start the 30 day shred, since the last time obviously didn't go so well. And I've already broken a personal record by actually completing it 2x in 2 days!

Yesterday was the first time I hopped back on the horse and did the full work out. I was worried my ankle would be too weak to do some of the more stressful moves, like jumping jacks and jogging, so I modified them slightly.

The work out went really well. Of course, I was puffing like a steam engine and my abs and arms hurt like a bitch at the end of it, but all's well that ends well, I say. And I even did a bonus of 20 minutes on the elliptical.

Today I was ready to duke it out for the second round. I didn't feel sore at all today. But as soon as I started doing those exercises, my muscles were screaming. They were pissed off.

You would not think that a 20 minute work out could wear your muscles out so entirely. Well that damn Jillian Michaels knows what she's doing, let me tell you. I have muscles that hurt in my arms that I didn't even know existed. I mean, I have been doing 1.5 hour workouts at the gym pretty consistently for the last 3 months, and I wouldn't think that one minute of reps with a 3 lb weight would cause any sort of pain, but it does.

After I finished my 2nd shred, I could DEFINITELY feel it. Right now it hurts to sit and stand and walk and change positions. And, of course, go up and down stairs. I am a little bit concerned about what I'll feel like when I start my 3rd day tomorrow, but I must persevere! As Jillian says, if you want results with only a 20 minute workout, you have to work really hard. So I will.