Friday, September 26, 2014

Skinny jeans

Have you ever tried on a pair of jeans, looked in the mirror and thought "Shit, those look good!", sprinted to the cash register to buy them in a cloud of confidence, brought them home, tried them on again (with multiple shirts) and continued to marvel "Shit, these look GOOOD!"

Me either.

Until today, friends.

I've been feeling kind of down on my jeans. None of them feel just right. The waists are too low, the waists are too high, the butt sags, the waist gaps, the thighs sag, they just don't look great. Today, while hooking my thumbs into my belt loops to once again pull up my falling jeans, I randomly grabbed a pair of clearance dark denim, stepped into them, and momentarily forgot all about the Chick-fil-A dinner I had last night or the weeks prior that were not full of running or workout videos.

In fact, I literally JUST got back into the workout groove last week after a vacation in mid August that threw me off my game.

Now, despite my lack of intense cardio, I have been walking my little heart off. This Jawbone UP24 thing? Ah-maz-ing. I now have a team of 5 friends who are on it and who continue to inspire me daily (not to mention provide some stiff competition!). I have been walking an average of 16,000 steps a day (which is about 8 miles). I love this damn bracelet and all that it has done to inspire my extra steps and extra ZZs.

And despite all of my extra eating and extra lazy workout-ing, I had somehow managed to maintain my weight @ 144lbs, which, as you may recall, is pretty damn low for me (though my goal is around 135).

Last week I finally slumped off my end of summer funk and decided to check out my new gym. Love. No one ever goes there. It's like a free, private gym with every machine I could ever want. I've been going Monday, Wednesday, Friday and doing 4 miles running, 1 mile elliptical and then some weights. On Tues/Thurs, I take Nala for long walks or do something active with her.

I've been thinking a lot about how things jut look better on people who are fit. Not skinny, per se, but in good shape and wearing things that fit well. Sometimes I see a girl with a cute outfit and I'm like "Damn, that girl looks good!" but then I realize that I could be wearing the same outfit and not look as good because I, in general, don't look that good.

But today. Today is a new day. And while I'm 100000% not thin and not even  all that fit, these magical jeans make me feel like I am. And that's a good start!

Also, new sweet Marmot vest that I am in loving.

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Gratuitous jeans selfie. Because, jeans.

A little September fitness teaser. Not that I look better than last time, but progress is progress even if none has been made