Sunday, April 13, 2014

April: Of Legs and Races

Odd how it's always around the same time of month that I remember to update this guy. In this case, it's exactly 2 months to the day that I last posted.

Since that time, I've run my first 5k and did my first mud run/obstacle course. I have been running 3 to 5 days a week and supplementing those in-between days with workout videos. The sun is out, the weather is glorious, and I am finally starting to get a sweet sweet tan! Is there anything better than a 70 degree run after work with your best furry gal pal by your side and some motivating Pandora songs blasting? I think not.

Over the last two months, I have to come to really appreciate what my legs are becoming. I have always had an unfounded hatred for my knees. I didn't like wearing shorts or skirts that showed them because I thought they were ugly and shapeless. Between squats, running, and biking, they have evolved into two stems I am quite frankly proud of. Just in time, because it's about to get hot in this state and I cannot bear to wear jeans all summer long.

Legs in February

Legs today (4/13)
Legs today (4/13) -- check out those calf muscles, awww yeah
In general, I am just feeling pretty damn good about things.

My time for my first 5k was 33:12...which I am pretty happy with considering a)I had my dog with me and it was her first 5k as well b) she decided to lose control of her bowels during the run...all over the running path. So I obvs had to stop and clean that up. c) The months leading up to the race, it had been a struggle for me to even do 1 mile without stopping on the treadmill. So yea, I'll take it! I also signed up for 2 more 5ks in May and am looking forward to PRing in both of them. Practice makes perfect!

I've also officially gone down a pant size. I literally have a suitcase full of pants that no longer fit me, which is pretty sad but also pretty awesome.

And now, for some more progress photos:

please ignore my dumb face in this photo and focus instead on how pale my stomach is compared to my arms haha

Next time I update, I'll have a nice new shiny tattoo to show off :)

Also, moving to an apartment complex 5 minutes from a 6 mile run/walk/bike greenway, 8 minutes to the biggest dog park in the area, 8 minutes to work, and with a gym/pool. SO excited.

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